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Bar Furniture
We offer a well-designed range of bar furniture, which is both classy and practical. It makes a great space for friends and family. The whole range is designed for comfort, durability and sophistication. It adds to the overall attractiveness of any bar. Also, the bar furniture is ideal for your living room decor. Our furniture offers a mix of simplicity, functionality and elegance. There are varied sizes, types and materials. Our bar furniture upgrades the look of any place. We have right solution according to the space or need. It is designed to accommodate different requirements and applications. Further, there are simple to exclusive designs available.
Cafeteria Furniture
Our cafeteria furniture range is designed to be functional, durable and smart. It is perfect for your eating spaces etc. The furniture is made for comfort as well as style. It is particularly designed for the cafeteria or lounge spaces. And it adds sophistication to your area. The furniture is offered in traditional to modern styles. There are many sizes and types too. The cafe range is guaranteed to upgrade your space. Also, it is designed for convenient use and easy maintenance. It's a treat for any eating house. We bring elegantly designed cafeteria furniture at reasonable costs. They allow for a better space management as well.

Gear Industrial Furniture
Gear Industrial Furniture is designed for unique needs of clients. It is ideal for commercial enterprises, industrial, and contemporary homes. Our collection of furniture is designed to be rugged, practical and stylish. It is thoroughly made with the finest selected materials. Hence it gives an unparalleled charm to any space. Our impressive collection is affordable too. Gear industrial furniture is designed to meet the antique and modern forms. Also, there are perfect integrity, quality and utility. The offered pieces of furniture give an industrial-style look and ultramodern appeal. They are functional as well as beautiful pieces, ideal for city apartments, offices, suburban homes, etc. 
Hotel Furniture
We offer well-designed hotel furniture for the hospitality needs. It has been designed for ultimate comfort and durability. We have an entire range of furniture, ideal for hotels and restaurants. We keep up with the modern-day demand and bring the best hotel furniture items. There are appealing looks and high comfort levels. Also, there is a range of designs, styles and types. Made with the best materials, our collection is both rugged and practical. It is also known for its sophistication as well as elegance. As per the hotel needs, we offer the perfect furniture varieties. They are designed to be affordable and tasteful too.  
Industrial Furniture
We offer great industrial furniture pieces for the contemporary decor needs. They create a comfy and functional space with industry-inspired details. There are unique designs, varied sizes, and vintage styles. Also, we keep up with clean formations and smooth surfaces. They are perfect for retro to modern home decoration. Made with finest grade materials, they are sturdy, compact and multipurpose. Also, they are created for an enhanced ambiance. Our industrial furniture collection is both, classy and affordable. It helps you make casual, comfy and contemporaneous spaces. There are thorough craftsmanship and excellent details.

Outdoor Furniture
We have a varied assortment of outdoor furniture, ideal for patio and outdoor spaces. We keep up with best style and material. Our furniture is outstanding in terms of strength, utility and aesthetic. It is particularly designed for an enhanced ambiance. The comfortable items of furniture are both, simple and elegant. They help make cozy space in a balcony or garden. The furniture is great for relaxing, reading book, or leisure times. It is accessible in brilliant designs. Our pieces of furniture are made with finest grades of wood etc. We serve for homes, corporates, resorts, hotels, restaurants and others.
Reclaimed Furniture
Reclaimed furniture is made from old selected wood. The well created furniture is contemporary, rugged and practical. It is great for many unique needs. Further, the reclaimed furniture is great for vintage, retro feel and look. It has a higher value in the marketplace. There are several styles, designs and sizes of the furniture. Our reclaimed wood furniture is designed for the modern-day attributes. They are great for homes, hotels, and more. We keep up with a high level of quality and an affordable cost. Also, there is a perfect combination of different materials. We create outstanding pieces of furniture for unique themes. 
Restaurant Furniture
We are offering superior restaurant furniture for the hospitality domain. There is a wide variety of designs, materials, types and sizes available. Also, there are exceptional style as well as comfort. With unique combinations, our range is great for the modern-day needs. We serve well for restaurants, cafe, lounge, or any venue. Further, we keep up with high quality and incredibly affordable prices. Our restaurant furniture is fit for all budgets, interiors, design concepts, and more. We bring well-designed products for any decor. They are durable and practical, both. We are meeting all your restaurant needs – contemporary cafe to rustic restaurant. 
Vintage Industrial Furniture
We present a unique collection of vintage industrial furniture. It is appreciated for classic design, high durability and utility. Also, we come up with traditional to contemporary designs. Our offered furniture items best suit the style of any home or office. They are excellent in terms of finish, toughness, and space efficiency etc. Our designed furniture is a right mixture of art, craft and superior material. It offers both, comfort and style. Some key features include: rust proof nature, high strength, practicality and unparalleled theme. Further, we maintain good structural and attractive features. We have furniture solutions for residential and commercial decoration purposes.   
Wall Decor
We meet your wall decor needs perfectly. We have handicrafts and varied items for your home / office decoration. They add aesthetic appeal to the space. Also, the decorative items are designed to be sturdy and attractive. We keep up with various designs, sizes, and colors. There are excellent products according to your interior decor. We maintain amazing patterns for different kinds of areas. There are unique craftsmanship, smooth finish and seamless edges. Further, our skilled workforce provide the best possible wall-decor arrangements. They offer impression to your areas. We have an exceptional variety for the contemporary needs. It is designed to create unique settings.